vb.net projects titles for B.Sc - CS - IT / B.C.A. / M.Sc - CS - IT / MCA students

Project Code Project Title
VB-App-001 University Admission System
VB-App-002 Sms Banking : Immediate Payment Transfer for Emergency Situation
VB-App-003 Secured Banking : Transaction using number-pad input Keystrokes
VB-App-004 Predicting Missing Items in Shopping Carts
VB-App-005 Application for Anti-money Laundering Detection
VB-App-006 Collaborative Web Browser Using Group Based Re-Ranked Websites
VB-App-007 Dynamic Civil Supplies Management System
VB-App-008 Employee Salary appraisal calculation System
VB-App-009 Analysis of Road Safety Insights Assessment Through Accident Models
VB-App-010 Textile Spare Management system
VB-App-011 Tiles Showroom Management System
VB-App-012 Email Based College Student Academic Activity Monitoring System
VB-App-013 Warning bird: Real Time Suspicious URL Detection System in Twitter
VB-App-014 E – Bus pass Registration and Renewal System
VB-App-015 Dedicated round the Clock Travel Management System
VB-App-016 Bank Management System Using Fingerprint Comparison
VB-App-017 College Hostel Management System
VB-App-018 Intrusion / Attack Detection System in Networks
VB-App-019 Administrative Policies in Rule-Based Access Control in RDBMS
VB-App-020 Prediction of Business Competitors using web
VB-App-021 Computer Shop Management system
VB-App-022 Cybercafé Management System
VB-App-023 Detecting Brain Tumors using MRI Images
VB-App-024 Detection and removal of cracks in Antique digitized paintings
VB-App-025 Secured Audio / Text file Transfer using Digital Steganography
VB-App-026 Review Suggestion System for Restaurants using Micro-Reviews
VB-App-027 Food Management System