latest php projects for Diploma / B.Sc - CS - IT / B.C.A. / M.Sc - CS - IT  / MCA students in coimbatore

PHP projects titles for Diploma / B.Sc - CS - IT / B.C.A. / M.Sc - CS - IT / MCA students

Project Code Project Title
Php-App-001 National Academic Calendar
Php-App-002 Online Auction Management System
Php-App-003 Birds Form house
Php-App-004 Online Book store
Php-App-005 Bus Ticket Reservation System
Php-App-006 Canteen Management System
Php-App-007 Hotel Management System
Php-App-008 Cargo Management System
Php-App-009 City Tour Guide System
Php-App-010 College Social network
Php-App-011 Complaint Management System for Laptop
Php-App-012 Complaint Management System for Mobile
Php-App-013 Digital portfolio
Php-App-014 Doctor Appointment System
Php-App-015 Document Management System
Php-App-016 Exam hall Allotment System
Php-App-017 Gate Pass Management System
Php-App-018 Hospital Management System
Php-App-019 Industrial Visit and Tour Guide System
Php-App-020 Health Insurance
Php-App-021 Inventory Control System
Php-App-022 Lawyer Appointment System
Php-App-023 Online Library Management System
Php-App-024 Centralized Online Status of All Registered Medical Practitioner
Php-App-025 Meeting room Booking System
Php-App-026 Pharmacy Management System
Php-App-027 Real estate Web Portal
Php-App-028 Real Time Monitoring of Various Funded By Government
Php-App-029 Online Tourism Management System
Php-App-030 Train reservation System