2018 Embedded Research Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
2018 Embd 1 A Biometric based vehicle Controlling using Secuirty IOT Module against Theft and Speed Controlling
2018 Embd 2 An IOT application to detect the Forest Fire using Wireless Sensors and Wifi Modem
2018 Embd 3 Biometric based secure electronic voting machine against false voting and bribe
2018 Embd 4 Illumination control module to the street light based on density of vehicles and peoples
2018 Embd 5 IoT based smart security and home automation system
2018 Embd 6 Quantification of Environmental Effects on PV Module Degradation using IOT
2018 Embd 7 Robust IoT waste mangement module by exploiting pollution and garbage level for smart city project