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Why BIG DATA Projects ?

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. In a day we process a numerous amount of data. If we take in to account the number of data it approximates up to nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. All these Data’s comes from satellites which are used to gather many information’s like Climate, Posts on Social media, GPS signals, Purchase records of online shopping and much more. We call this as Bid data. Any Company evaluates their technical and Economical trends based on the values of these data. These Data’s play a significant role in analysing the growth and fall statistics which aids for future Plans. The collection of these data’s and it’s processing requires a lot of technicality. Complicated techniques are not today’s strategy instead we go for Big data analysis.

Latest 2023 Big Data Project Titles

Project Code Project Title
BD2019001 Efficient Data Placement and Replication for QoS-Aware Approximate Query Evaluation of Big Data Analytics

Latest 2018 Big Data Project Titles

Project Code Project Title
BD2018001 A bilinear ranking SVM for knowledge based relation prediction and classification
BD2018002 A Pre-Authentication Approach to Proxy Re-encryption in Big Data Context
BD2018003 A Secure and Verifiable Access Control Scheme for Big Data Storage in Clouds
BD2018004 Anonymization of Sensitive Quasi-Identifiers for l-Diversity and t-Closeness
BD2018005 Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud
BD2018006 Big Data Based Security Analytics for Protecting Virtualized Infrastructures in Cloud Computing
BD2018007 Big Data Privacy in Biomedical Research
BD2018008 Differential Privacy Preserving of Training Model in Wireless Big Data with Edge Computing
BD2018009 Distributed Sparse Class-Imbalance Learning and its Applications
BD2018010 Dynamics of Public Opinions in an Online and Offline Social Network
BD2018011 Effective Prediction of Missing Data on Apache Spark over Multivariable Time Series
BD2018012 Efficient Multi-Factor Authenticated Key Exchange Scheme for Mobile Communications
BD2018013 Efficient Recommendation of De-identification Policies using MapReduce
BD2018014 Efficient Secure Outsourcing of Large-scale Convex Separable Programming for Big Data
BD2018015 MtMR: Ensuring MapReduce Computation Integrity with Merkle Tree-based Verifications
BD2018016 Extracting Medical Knowledge from Crowdsourced Question Answering Website
BD2018017 FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data
BD2018018 Modeling and Visualizing Student Flow
BD2018019 Multitenant Access Control for Cloud-Aware Distributed Filesystems
BD2018020 Online Similarity Learning for Big Data with Overfitting
BD2018021 Revocable Identity-Based Access Control for Big Data with Verifiable Outsourced Computing
BD2018022 Sampling Big Trajectory Data for Traversal Trajectory Aggregate Query
BD2018023 SIMiner: A Stigmergy-based Model for Mining Influential Nodes in Dynamic Social Networks
BD2018024 Spamdoop: A privacy-preserving Big Data platform for collaborative spam detection

Recent Big Data Project Titles

Project Code Project Title
BD2018001 Kvasir: Scalable Provision of Semantically Relevant Web Content on Big Data Framework
BD2015001 i2MapReduce: Incremental MapReduce for Mining Evolving Big Data
BD2018002 AlgorithmSeer: A System for Extracting and Searching for Algorithms in Scholarly Big Data
BD2018003 Can Scientific Impact Be Predicted?
BD2018004 GPU-Accelerated Large-scale Distributed Sorting Coping with Device Memory Capacity
BD2018005 Partial Copy Detection in Videos: A Benchmark and An Evaluation of Popular Methods
BD2018006 Personalized Travel Sequence Recommendation on Multi-Source Big Social Media
BD2018007 USTF: A Unified System of Team Formation
BD2018008 Visual Exploration of Changes in Passenger Flows and Tweets on Mega-City Metro Network