Automobile Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Project Center in Coimbatore

Mechanical Mini Project Project Center Topics Titles in Coimbatore

Project Code Project Title
MechMini001 Automatic side stand for two wheelers
MechMini002 Weight bridge moving in vehicle
MechMini003 Fabrication of intelligent breaking system
MechMini004 Automatic rain operated wiper
MechMini005 Agri seed sewing machine
MechMini006 Fabrication of hydraulic ladle
MechMini007 Fabrication of mini hydraulic pipe vice
MechMini008 Fabrication of mini hydraulic zig zag pipe bending machine
MechMini009 Fabrication of mini hydraulic power press
MechMini010 Fabrication of mini hydraulic sheet metal cutting machine
MechMini011 Fabrication of mini hydraulic punching machine
MechMini012 Fabrication of hydraulic load shifter
MechMini013 Hydraulic railway gate open and close
MechMini014 Hydraulic industrial breaking system
MechMini015 Hydraulic mobile crane
MechMini016 Fabrication of hydraulic ladder
MechMini017 Hydraulic bearing puller
MechMini018 Hydraulic power plant
MechMini019 Fabrication of pneumatic multi purpose machine
MechMini020 Fabrication of pneumatic punching machine
MechMini021 Windmill of helical type- vertical axis
MechMini022 Fabrication of pneumatic vice
MechMini023 Pneumatic operated envelope sealing machine
MechMini024 Pneumatic grass cutter
MechMini025 Pneumatic bend removing machine with accident avoidance system
MechMini026 Pneumatic manual feed drilling machine
MechMini027 Pneumatic slotting machine
MechMini028 Pneumatic forging machine
MechMini029 Pneumatic ramming machine
MechMini030 Fabrication of pneumatic hammer
MechMini031 Pneumatic operated car / bus door open close system
MechMini032 Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheelers
MechMini033 Fabrication of pneumatic railway gate control system
MechMini034 Pneumatic lifting table
MechMini035 Pneumatic operated bearing puller
MechMini036 Automatic pneumatic side stand for two wheelers
MechMini037 Pneumatic vegetable cutter
MechMini038 Pneumatic anti lock breaking system
MechMini039 Pneumatic reveating machine
MechMini040 Pneumatic patient bed lifting system
MechMini041 Windmill of cylindrical type –vertical axis
MechMini042 Electric power generation from railway track
MechMini043 Electric power generator from speed breaker
MechMini044 Electric power generator from foot step
MechMini045 Wind mill - multi rotor
MechMini046 Hydraulic power plant
MechMini047 Election power generation using revolving door
MechMini048 Electric power generation using dance floor
MechMini049 Design and fabrication of aqua silencer
MechMini050 Pedal operated hacksaw

Mechanical Main Project Project Center Topics Titles in Coimbatore

Project Code Project Title
MechMain001Design and Fabrication of Multi-Purpose Wood Working Machine for Small Scale Industries
MechMain002Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System Using IoT
MechMain003Automatic Car Window Opening System By Using Gas and Sound Sensor
MechMain004Design and Fabrication intelligent Railway Gate Control
MechMain005Four Wheel Steering System and Three Mode
MechMain006Design and Fabrication of IoT Control Automobile Screw Jack for Light and Heavy Transport Vehicle
MechMain007Auto Safe Braking System for School Vans(Or)Bus
MechMain008Fabrication of Parallel Car Parking Using 5th Wheel (Pneumatic)
MechMain009Fabrication of Human Wastage and Material Collector in Railway Track
MechMain010Design and Fabrication of Inbuilt Hydraulic Jack for Vehicle
MechMain011Fabrication of Electronic Controlled Buffering
MechMain012Automatic Plate Cleaning Machine
MechMain013Smart Breaking System With Pneumatic Bumper
MechMain014Automatic Spray Painting Machine for Submersible Pump
MechMain015Design and Fabrication of Two Wheeler With Reverse Operation
MechMain016Fabrication of Double Braking Single Lever System
MechMain017Design and Fabrication of Smartcard Based Mini Canteen for College & Industries
MechMain018Pneumatic Wheel Chair Cum Stretcher Model in Hospital Application
MechMain019Fabrication of Parallel Car Parking Using 5thwheel (Motorized)
MechMain020Fabrication of Intelligent Foot Board Accident Prevention System
MechMain021Agriculture Three in One Machine
MechMain022Fabrication of Sugarcane Planting Machine With Plugging Arrangement
MechMain023Pneumatic Brick Making Machine
MechMain024Motorized Multi Purpose Machine (Drilling, Grinding, Slotting and Cutting)
MechMain025Motorized Multi Purpose Machine (Drilling, Slotting and Cutting)
MechMain026Automatic Lemon Feeding and Cutting Machine
MechMain027Plastic Bottle Crusher Using Pneumatic Crusher With Grinder
MechMain028Fabrication of Road Marking Machine
MechMain029Fabrication of Pneumatic Can Crushing Machine With Conveyor
MechMain030Electrical Power Generation From Wind, Solar and Rain Water
MechMain031Fabrication of Mobile Spray Painting Robot
MechMain032Design and Fabrication of Beach Cleaning Machine
MechMain033Remote Controlled Wheel Chair Cum Bed for Physically Disabled Persons
MechMain034Design and Fabrication of De-scaling Machine for A Long Pipe
MechMain035Design and Fabrication of Rocker Bogie Suspension
MechMain036Design and Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic 3 Axis Modern Trailer Using 3 Cylinder
MechMain037Implementing The Combination of Emergency Intelligence and Anti-Lock Braking System
MechMain038Pneumatic Multiple Water Pumping Machine
MechMain039Advanced Automatic Can Crusher
MechMain040Fabrication of Chocolate Vending Machine for Used Water Bottles
MechMain041Fabrication of Firefighting Kinematic Walker
MechMain042Hydraulic Jack With Automatic Brake and Bumper System
MechMain043Design and Fabrication of Solar Vehicle
MechMain044Fabrication of Kinematic Working Robot With Left and Right Moment Camera
MechMain045Fabrication of Plastic Crushing and Melting Machine
MechMain046Fabrication of Solar Powered Drainage Cleaning Machine
MechMain047Fabrication of Plant Transplanter
MechMain048Motorized Board Cleaner
MechMain049Fabrication of Two Wheeler Tractor Arrangement
MechMain050Motorized Sliding Door
MechMain051Fabrication of Agarbatti Making Machine – Proto Type
MechMain052Fabrication Eye Blink Sensor Based Braking and Bumper Control System
MechMain053Design and Fabrication of Inbuilt Pneumatic Jack for Four Wheeler
MechMain054Design and Fabrication of Four Way Hacksaw
MechMain055Fabrication of Four Wheel Steering System for Automobiles
MechMain056Pneumatic type Car Parking Model for Apartment Building
MechMain057Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine
MechMain058Automatic Pneumatic Bumper and Brake Actuation Before Collision
MechMain059Fabrication of Three Axis Hydraulic modern Trailer
MechMain060Design and Fabrication of Glass Crushing Machine
MechMain061Circular Car Parking
MechMain062Coin Based Student Book Vendor for College School Campus
MechMain063Material Handling Using Gear Mechanism
MechMain064Fabrication of Pneumatic Wood Splitter Machine
MechMain065Design and Fabrication of Multipurpose Water Pumping System
MechMain066Design and Fabrication of Stationary Fire Fighter
MechMain067Automatic Disc Braking System for Automobiles
MechMain068Fabrication of Motorized Coconut Husk Remover
MechMain069Fabrication of Motorized Sheet Metal Rolling Machine
MechMain070Design and Fabrication of Multi Purpose Wood Working Machine

Mechanical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Project Center Topics Titles in Coimbatore

Project Code Project Title
FEA001Analysis and optimization of connecting rod
FEA002Analysis of cam shafts used in automobiles by material optimization
FEA003Analysis of knee joint
FEA004Analysis of leaf spring using composite materials
FEA005Analysis of press tool
FEA006Analysis of spur gear with fillet design optimization
FEA007Bending and torsion analysis in a lever joint
FEA008Bone remodeling predictions using ANSYS
FEA009Clutch assembly modelling and structural analysis
FEA010Computer aided modelling and optimization analysis of crankshaft
FEA011Crank shaft design and analysis of forged steel and metal matrix composite materials using ANSYS
FEA012Design and analysis of escalator frame
FEA013Design and analysis of three-stage hydraulic cylinder used in dump trucks
FEA014Design and analysis of two wheeler suspension
FEA015Design and material optimization of mechanical tee
FEA016Design and optimization analysis of automobile propeller shaft
FEA017Design optimization of flywheel
FEA018Design and Analysis of domestic windmill blades
FEA019Effective comparison analysis of a four stroke and two stroke piston of a two wheeler
FEA020Failure analysis of gas turbine blades
FEA021Fatigue analysis in connecting rod
FEA022Finite element analysis and material optimization of mono leaf springs used in Marathi Omni vans
FEA023Finite element analysis with simulation of a side loaded spring on rear suspension
FEA024Investigation of stresses and strain generation in aluminum flywheel
FEA025Material analysis of brake shoe and improvement in the same by optimization technique
FEA026Material optimization in hydraulic jack
FEA027Material optimization and structural stress analysis of eicher chassis brackets
FEA028Material optimization and thermal analysis of a four stroke piston
FEA029Material optimization analysis of a windmill hub
FEA030Material optimization analysis of crane hook assembly
FEA031Modelling and analysis of knuckle joint
FEA032Modelling and dynamic analysis of an impeller with load on each paddle
FEA033Modelling and simulation of an industrial conveyor
FEA034Optimization of engine components by material optimization
FEA035Optimum design and analysis of a composite drive shaft of an automobile
FEA036Simulation and structural analysis of a punch and die
FEA037Simulation of a can crusher in ANSYS
FEA038Stress analysis gas turbine engine thrust link
FEA039Stress analysis of a ceramic turbine vane
FEA040Stress analysis on a gear while transmission
FEA041Structural analysis of ceramic air foils
FEA042Systematic design and comparison analysis of telescopic stock absorber with thermoplastic poly amides
FEA043Thermal analysis in 60mw steam turbine
FEA044Thermal analysis of ceramic ball bearing

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