Mechanical / Mechatronics / Robotics / Structural Analysis - Engineering Projects

Project Code Project Title
MechApp001 Automatic side stand for two wheelers
MechApp002 Weight bridge moving in vehicle
MechApp003 Fabrication of intelligent breaking system
MechApp004 Automatic rain operated wiper
MechApp005 Agri seed sewing machine
MechApp006 Fabrication of hydraulic ladle
MechApp007 Fabrication of mini hydraulic pipe vice
MechApp008 Fabrication of mini hydraulic zig zag pipe bending machine
MechApp009 Fabrication of mini hydraulic power press
MechApp010 Fabrication of mini hydraulic sheet metal cutting machine
MechApp011 Fabrication of mini hydraulic punching machine
MechApp012 Fabrication of hydraulic load shifter
MechApp013 Hydraulic railway gate open and close
MechApp014 Hydraulic industrial breaking system
MechApp015 Hydraulic mobile crane
MechApp016 Fabrication of hydraulic ladder
MechApp017 Hydraulic bearing puller
MechApp018 Hydraulic power plant
MechApp019 Fabrication of pneumatic multi purpose machine
MechApp020 Fabrication of pneumatic punching machine
MechApp021 Windmill of helical type- vertical axis
MechApp022 Fabrication of pneumatic vice
MechApp023 Pneumatic operated envelope sealing machine
MechApp024 Pneumatic grass cutter
MechApp025 Pneumatic bend removing machine with accident avoidance system
MechApp026 Pneumatic manual feed drilling machine
MechApp027 Pneumatic slotting machine
MechApp028 Pneumatic forging machine
MechApp029 Pneumatic ramming machine
MechApp030 Fabrication of pneumatic hammer
MechApp031 Pneumatic operated car / bus door open close system
MechApp032 Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheelers
MechApp033 Fabrication of pneumatic railway gate control system
MechApp034 Pneumatic lifting table
MechApp035 Pneumatic operated bearing puller
MechApp036 Automatic pneumatic side stand for two wheelers
MechApp037 Pneumatic vegetable cutter
MechApp038 Pneumatic anti lock breaking system
MechApp039 Pneumatic reveating machine
MechApp040 Pneumatic patient bed lifting system
MechApp041 Windmill of cylindrical type –vertical axis
MechApp042 Electric power generation from railway track
MechApp043 Electric power generator from speed breaker
MechApp044 Electric power generator from foot step
MechApp045 Wind mill - multi rotor
MechApp046 Hydraulic power plant
MechApp047 Election power generation using revolving door
MechApp048 Electric power generation using dance floor
MechApp049 Design and fabrication of aqua silencer
MechApp050 Pedal operated hacksaw

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