Civil projects titles for Diploma / BE / ME / B.Arch - Civil students

Project Code ( Category : EARTHQUAKE & Etabs ) Project Title
Civil-C1-001 Earthquake analysis and design vs non earthquake analysis and design using staad pro
Civil-C1-002 Earthquake Behaviour of Buildings
Civil-C1-003 Earthquake Protection of Non-Structural Elements in Buildings
Civil-C1-004 Earthquake Resistant Wooden House
Civil-C1-005 Comparison of design results of a Structure designed using STAAD and ETABS Software
Civil-C1-006 3-D Analysis of Building Frame Using STAAD-PRO
Civil-C1-007 Seismic analysis and design of hospital building by equivalent static analysis
Civil-C1-008 Negative Stiffness, Structural Modification Approach for Seismic Protection
Civil-C1-009 Identification of Nonlinear Devices for Seismic Protection
Civil-C1-010 Seismic Damage Analyses of Staircases in RC Frame Structures
Civil-C1-011 Seismic Performance Evaluation of a Super-Tall Building Structure

Project Code ( Category : MANAGEMENT ) Project Title
Civil-C2-001 Material management in construction – a case study
Civil-C2-002 Residential building construction
Civil-C2-003 A Project report on Ready mix concrete
Civil-C2-004 An Analysis on Resource Planning, Cost Estimation and Tracking of Project by Earned Value Management
Civil-C2-005 Planning, Scheduling and Tracking of a residential Project using Primavera Software
Civil-C2-006 Team management in construction industry
Civil-C2-007 Risk Response Selection in Construction Projects
Civil-C2-008 Risk assessment and analysis using primavera
Civil-C2-009 Materials supply management in with the quality of structures
Civil-C2-010 Factors affecting materials management
Civil-C2-011 Hotel maintenance management
Civil-C2-012 Tracking and management of construction projects using primavera
Civil-C2-013 Project Monitoring and Control using Primavera
Civil-C2-014 Onsite Waste management Facility for remediation waste
Civil-C2-015 Fire safety management during demolishment
Civil-C2-016 Construction Waste Reduction Through BIM-Based Site Management Approach

Project Code ( Category : RESERVOIR TANK & BRIDGES, ROADS ) Project Title
Civil-C3-001 Reinforced concrete elevated service reservoirs in earthquake prone region
Civil-C3-002 Design of underground water tank
Civil-C3-003 Design of R.C.C. over head tank

Project Code ( Category : DESIGNS ) Project Title
Civil-C4-001 Planning and design of net zero energy residential building
Civil-C4-002 Study of material testing and mix design procedure of ready mix concrete
Civil-C4-003 Detailed study and execution work in post tension slab
Civil-C4-004 Design of reinforced concrete inverted-t beams for strength and serviceability
Civil-C4-005 Residential building construction
Civil-C4-006 Planning and designing of school building
Civil-C4-007 Design and analysis of foot over bridge by using staad pro
Civil-C4-008 Design and analysis of auditorium building with seismic
Civil-C4-009 Airport Terminal - Planning and design
Civil-C4-0010 Design and Analysis of Flat Slab Floor System for Reinforced Concrete Building
Civil-C4-0011 Design of Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Basement

Project Code ( Category : TECHNOLOGY & ENERGY ) Project Title
Civil-C5-001 Alternate and low cost construction materials and techniques
Civil-C5-002 Building energy retrofitting: from energy audit to renovation proposals
Civil-C5-003 Experimental investigation and prediction of properties for the green concrete using Artificial Neural Network
Civil-C5-004 Reuse of industrial waste in construction industry
Civil-C5-005 New type of crushed sand to replace natural sand in concrete production
Civil-C5-006 Application of Waste Foundry Sand for Evolution of Low-Cost Concrete
Civil-C5-007 The Possibility of using BOD on-line Measurement
Civil-C5-008 BIM-Based Energy Analysis
Civil-C5-009 Building energy retrofitting: from energy audit to renovation proposals: The case of an office building in India
Civil-C5-0010 Energy Losses Study on District Cooling Pipes: Steady-state Modeling and Simulation
Civil-C5-0011 Concrete Shrinkage Prediction using Maturity and Activation Energy
Civil-C5-0012 Low Temperature Performance of Wax Modified Mastic Asphalt
Civil-C5-0013 Dewatering Soil for Use as an Emergency Construction Material for Disaster Recovery
Civil-C5-0014 E waste management in India
Civil-C5-0015 Biogas production from kitchen waste
Civil-C5-0016 Detailed Project Report for Biogas Power Plant + Organic Fertilizer Unit
Civil-C5-0017 Dewatering Soil for Use as an Emergency Construction Material for Disaster Recovery
Civil-C5-0018 Advances in Geosynthetics Materials and Applications for Soil Reinforcement and Environmental

Project Code ( Category : Protection Works ) Project Title
Civil-C6-001 Evaluation of the Efficiency of Different Ground Improvement Techniques
Civil-C6-002 Soil Bioengineering for Slope Stabilization and Site Restoration
Civil-C6-003 Finite Element Studies of Reinforced and Unreinforced Two-layer Soil Systems
Civil-C6-004 Soil Nailing for Stabilization of Steep Slopes Near Railway Tracks
Civil-C6-005 Integrated Light Steel Structure Housing
Civil-C6-006 Low Carbon Housing Structure System of High Durability
Civil-C6-007 Integral Structure of Light Steel Temporary Buildings
Civil-C6-008 Behaviour of Composite Beams of Steel-Reinforced Recycled Concrete