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Project Code Project Title
mba-doc-001 A Study on the finance performance on the Maruthi Suzuki Showroom
mba-doc-002 A Study on comparative analysis of public sector banks & private sector banks shares Volatility in India
mba-doc-003 Impacts of Internet banking and new technology in bank
mba-doc-004 A Study on Behavioural training & development in Corporate Coimbatore
mba-doc-005 Surfing through Umberlla
mba-doc-006 A Study on the Attrition rate on the Sofware companies
mba-doc-007 A Study On The Satisfaction Of Employees On The Safety Measures
mba-doc-008 A Study On Organizational Culture And Its Impact On Employees Behavior
mba-doc-009 A Study On Different Sources Of Recruitment And It’s Effectiveness
mba-doc-010 A Study On The Causes For Increasing Rate Of Attrition
mba-doc-011 A Comprehensive Study On Employee Retention
mba-doc-012 A Study on the Importance of Cross-Cultural Training in Effective Management
mba-doc-013 A Study on the Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Work Life among employees
mba-doc-014 A study on identifying awareness among corporate employees on pursuing higher studies from top B’ schools
mba-doc-015 A Study And Analysis Of Grievance Handling System in the Software industries
mba-doc-016 A Study On Employees Absenteeism Analysis against the company production rate