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Why Mobile Computing Projects ?

Mobile Computing is a technology that allows transmission of data, voice and video via a computer or any other wireless enabled device without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. Mobile computing is human – computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage, which allows for transmission of data, voice and video. Security of Self-Organizing Networks: MANET, WSN, WMN, VANET explores wireless network security from all angles. A wireless ad hoc network is a decentralized type of wireless network. It is a type of temporary computer-to-computer connection. It is a spontaneous network which includes mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANET) and Flying ad-hoc networks (FANET). Mobile computing has dramatically changed the landscape of the workplace, bringing many advantages, such as the following: Location flexibility , Increased productivity , Cost effective.

Latest 2018 Mobile computing Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
MobCmp2018001 Path Finding for Maximum Value of Information in Multi-modal Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
MobCmp2018002 A Cooperative Clustering Protocol With Duty Cycling for Energy Harvesting Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks
MobCmp2018003 EABS: An Event-Aware Backpressure Scheduling Scheme for Emergency Internet of Things
MobCmp2018004 TSCA: A Temporal-Spatial Real-Time Charging Scheduling Algorithm for On-Demand Architecture in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks