projects titles for B.Sc - CS - IT / B.C.A. / M.Sc - CS - IT / MCA students

Project Code Project Title
ASP-App-001 Authorization of the Content Sharing in the Online Social Networking
ASP-App-002 Disease Diagnosis System based on Symptoms and Side affects
ASP-App-003 Expert Finding System in the context on the blog
ASP-App-004 Privacy Preserving using Shared Authorization in Database Servers
ASP-App-005 Online Bus Ticket Reservation System
ASP-App-006 Filtering Unwanted Messages from Online Social Network User Walls
ASP-App-007 Password Authentication Using Persuasive Cued Click Points
ASP-App-008 Professional Networking For College
ASP-App-009 A secured login system using advanced technique for Online social networks
ASP-App-010 Product Finding in Integrated Shopping Mall
ASP-App-011 Multi User Security system in transport in during critical and abnormal conditions
ASP-App-012 Crowd funding in Software Development
ASP-App-013 Data Storage Security and Data Auditing in Cloud Server
ASP-App-014 Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
ASP-App-015 fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing
ASP-App-016 Property Suggestion System in the Real Estate Business
ASP-App-017 Unplanned disclosure of information (Inference attacks) to Social Network Systems
ASP-App-018 Aircraft Delay Analysis System
ASP-App-019 Call Center Management System
ASP-App-020 Location based Prediction of Overlapping Communities in Online Social Networks
ASP-App-021 Prevention of Phishing Attack using dynamic Image captcha with visual cryptography
ASP-App-022 Human Effects of Enhanced Privacy Management Models in OSN
ASP-App-023 Intelligent Query Answering System for College Information System
ASP-App-024 Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
ASP-App-025 Secure Distributed De-duplication Systems in Cloud Storage
ASP-App-026 Secure Online Voting Using MAC Address Verification