Solar Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
Solar-001 Optimization of Ideal Time and efficient solar charging for Rovers
Solar-002 Sensor less efficient methodology for solar tracking system
Solar-003 Implementation of Solar tracking and trapping system
Solar-004 Effect of Solar based lanterns for rural areas
Solar-005 Solar power saving Street Lighting System using Zigbee
Solar-006 Effective Solar illumination discover Robot in Omni direction
Solar-007 Development Of Automatic Sunlight Detection Robot
Solar-008 Design and performance of an automatic two-Axis solar tracker system Robot based Solar Tracking System
Solar-009 An optimal energy-based approach for driving guidance of full Electric Robot
Solar-010 Synthesis of a for the navigation of an electric wheelchair for handicapped using Solar
Solar-011 Automatic Intelligent Solar Light based agricultural automation
Solar-012 Design and implementation of a microcontroller-based maximum power point
Solar-013 Tracking fuzzy solar charge controller
Solar-014 Implementation of Solar agricultural water pumping system
Solar-015 Solar based Intelligent power distribution system for Home appliances

Embedded Hardware based Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
Embd-001 Optimization of Ideal Time and efficient solar charging for Rovers
Embd-002 PWM based Light Intensity Control using Passive infrared sensor
Embd-003 Intelligent Power Distribution from EB Based on Power Generation
Embd-004 Standby Power Saving system for Electrical Appliances
Embd-005 Overload warning System for Industries and Homes
Embd-006 Industrial Power Theft Identifier system
Embd-007 Power Saver System for Auditorium based on people Density
Embd-008 Touch screen Based Appliances control system
Embd-009 Sensor less efficient methodology for solar tracking system
Embd-010 Alternate and Shortest path Finder for Vehicles in High Traffic Density Areas
Embd-011 Time Sharing from Less Traffic Direction to Heavy Traffic Directions for signals
Embd-012 Standby Power Saving system for Electrical Appliances
Embd-013 Wireless Power Saving and alert system
Embd-014 Secure Transaction in ATM using Short Message Services
Embd-015 Eye Gaze Wheel chair control system
Embd-016 3-Axis Accelerometer Home Appliance Control system for Physically Challenged People
Embd-017 Train speed Assessment in Railway Level Crossings
Embd-018 Footboard Passenger alert and control System for buses
Embd-019 Elderly People Home health Care monitoring and alert system
Embd-020 Over tonnage Warning System for Vehicles in Toll Gates and Check posts
Embd-021 Effective Driver License Approving system
Embd-022 Appropriate Bus identification system for Blind Peoples
Embd-023 Embedded Based Automatic Control of Power Consumption
Embd-024 Embedded Based Gas Leakage Monitoring System with Auto Dialling
Embd-025 Embedded Based Induction Motor Speed Monitoring and Control Using PWM
Embd-026 Embedded Based Multi Tasking ID card
Embd-027 Embedded System Based Digital Entry Lock
Embd-028 Microcontroller Based Intelligent Emergency Calling
Embd-029 RFID Based Area Dependent Vehicle Speed Controller
Embd-030 RFID Based Elegant Ticketing System for Buses
Embd-031 RFID Based Library Automation
Embd-032 RFID Enemy Identifier and Suiting in Border Security Force
Embd-033 Trusted Secure Electronic Voting Machine
Embd-034 Automatic Braking Jogging Plugging ON/OFF Forward and Reverse
Embd-035 Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controller
Embd-036 Energy Saver for Street Lights
Embd-037 Over Speed & Drunken Drive Indicator
Embd-038 Coin Based Electronic Bus Conductor
Embd-039 Water Level Monitor and Control
Embd-040 SCADA for Power Plant
Embd-041 SCADA for Industrial Monitor
Embd-042 Artificial Voice Announcement for Blind and Dump Alert Using Hand Signal
Embd-043 Power Factor Monitor and Controller
Embd-044 Voice Operated Home Appliances Controller
Embd-045 Telephone Operated Home Appliances
Embd-046 Terror Watching and Killer in Defence Border
Embd-047 Building Monitoring System with Voice Announcer
Embd-048 Digital Energy Meter with Current, Voltage, Power Factor
Embd-049 Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controller
Embd-050 Power Saved with Automatic Street Light Controller
Embd-051 Over Speed and Drunken Driver Indicator
Embd-052 Fuel Level Monitor
Embd-053 Embedded Based Object Counter
Embd-054 Ultrasonic Alarm for Blind People
Embd-055 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
Embd-056 Vehicle Security System
Embd-057 Sensor Based Obstacle Detector
Embd-058 Microcontroller Based Access Control System
Embd-059 Room Attendance Register
Embd-060 Lift Controller
Embd-061 Automatic Dim and Dipper for Automobiles
Embd-062 Ultrasonic Reverse Alarm for Vehicle
Embd-063 Speed Monitor for Motors
Embd-064 Temperature Monitor
Embd-065 Energy Saver for Class Rooms
Embd-066 Temperature Controlled Fan
Embd-067 Programmable Digital Controller for Street Light with RTC
Embd-068 Power Theft Identifier & Energy Saver
Embd-069 Finger Print Based License Checking System
Embd-070 Prepaid Card and Coin Based Pay System
Embd-071 RFID based system for class room identification for visually impaired
Embd-072 Microcontroller Based Medicine Reminder
Embd-073 Neural network based DC motor speed controller
Embd-074 Neural Network Based Object Recognition
Embd-075 Neural Based Target Sensing System
Embd-076 Artificial Intelligent Fire Fighter
Embd-077 Fuzzy Based Boiler Controller
Embd-078 Intelligent system design for College notice board cum bell system
Embd-079 Micro controller based boiler management system
Embd-080 Embedded based electricity theft identification
Embd-081 Embedded based mark announcement system
Embd-082 Design and implementation of railway automation system with sensors network
Embd-083 Real time data acquisition system
Embd-084 Intelligent train system-automation collision avoidance, signal / unmanned
Embd-085 Password Controlled Entrance System
Embd-086 A Bidirectional Visitor’s counter with Appliance Control
Embd-087 Embedded Based Calibration of Proximity Sensor
Embd-088 Wireless Based Cordless polling System
Embd-089 Intelligent density traffic controller using infrared sensor
Embd-090 Air pollution monitor and Display Information System
Embd-091 Location and Position Target sensing system
Embd-092 Boiler control system
Embd-093 Energy saver with person in out counter
Embd-094 Security system with auto dialler
Embd-095 Traffic controller with real time clock
Embd-096 Prepaid card for Bus fare system
Embd-097 Tank Fuel monitoring and indicating System
Embd-098 Ultrasonic level meter
Embd-099 Ultrasonic alarm for blind people
Embd-0100 Ultrasonic distance meter
Embd-0101 Room attendance system
Embd-0102 Prepaid card for EB meter with wireless recharge
Embd-0103 Auto scheduler for multiple machines
Embd-0104 Automatic load sharer for transformers
Embd-0105 Speed control of PMDC motor by using fuzzy logic
Embd-0106 Motor monitoring & protection system
Embd-0107 Transformer monitoring & protection system
Embd-0108 Power theft indicator
Embd-0109 Digital Power energy Consumption and Display meter
Embd-0110 Synchronization of EB with generator
Embd-0111 Power factor monitor and controller
Embd-0112 Motor monitor & control through the power line carrier communication
Embd-0113 Electronic circuit breaker
Embd-0114 PWM based solar tracking system with sine wave inverter
Embd-0115 Single axis solar panel tracking system
Embd-0116 Double axis solar panel tracking system
Embd-0117 Stepper motor direction and speed controller
Embd-0118 Servo motor direction and speed controller
Embd-0119 AC voltage and current monitor
Embd-0120 DC voltage and current monitor
Embd-0121 Antenna tracking system for moving vehicle
Embd-0122 Internet based temperature and humidity monitor
Embd-0123 Web based home appliances controller
Embd-0124 Detection of illegal wireless transmission
Embd-0125 Windmill monitoring using internet
Embd-0126 Digital energy with volt, current & power factor monitor
Embd-0127 RTC ds1307 based agro motor control system
Embd-0128 Time Saving Wait less Advanced Modern Auto Teller Ration (ATR) shopping
Embd-0129 Development of Embedded Digital IC Tester
Embd-0130 Time Base Electrical Appliance Control
Embd-0131 Emergency Railway Helpline Display System
Embd-0132 DTMF Generation using Microcontroller
Embd-0133 Respiration Monitor
Embd-0134 E-Voting Time Saving Wait less Voting System
Embd-0135 Digital Code Word Locking System
Embd-0136 Code lock for electrical devices
Embd-0137 Robot Operated Through Voice
Embd-0138 Automatic Packing Machine
Embd-0139 Electronic Voting Machine using LCD Display and EPROM for Memory Interface
Embd-0140 Digital IC Tester
Embd-0141 Digital Clock Based on Real Time Clock (RTC) IC
Embd-0142 Automatic Dim Dipper Programmable ON/OFF Timer Control
Embd-0143 Data Logger Based on RS 232 Serial Communications
Embd-0144 Wireless Water Level Controller
Embd-0145 Vehicle Speed Storage System
Embd-0146 Intelligent bus monitor system
Embd-0147 Cryptography using Microcontroller
Embd-0148 Oil-Tank Level Indicator
Embd-0149 SCADA Implementation in microcontroller
Embd-0150 On-load Tap-change for power transformer
Embd-0151 Embedded lift controller
Embd-0152 Power room monitor with data logger
Embd-0153 Coil winding machine
Embd-0154 Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert
Embd-0155 Wireless Door Control System
Embd-0156 RF Based Billing System
Embd-0157 RF Based Data Retrieving System
Embd-0158 RF Based House Security System
Embd-0159 Automatic Path Finder
Embd-0160 Solar based Lighting System
Embd-0161 Solar based Irrigation automation
Embd-0162 Students Alert System to Parents by Entry at College Premises by Using Mobile Texting
Embd-0163 Recharging RFID Based Automatic Toll Gate System
Embd-0164 Wireless Messaging Using ZIGBEE
Embd-0165 Wireless Based E-circular Announced System
Embd-0166 Design and Implement of Attendance Management System Based on Contactless Smart Card
Embd-0167 Elder people monitoring system using GSM network
Embd-0168 Advanced patient monitoring and alert system using Zigbee for home
Embd-0169 Patient health monitoring and alert system using Zigbee technology within the Hospital
Embd-0170 Library Books Maintenance by RFID technology
Embd-0171 Ultrasonic based Path Planning for the Blind Person
Embd-0172 Implementation of Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System
Embd-0173 Intelligent Bus announcer for blind using RFID technology
Embd-0174 Mobile security alert system for Fire and LPG Gas leakage
Embd-0175 E-Passport and the Future of Government Issued Radio-Frequency Based Identification
Embd-0176 Intelligent Fire Monitor using Blue Tooth Technology

Robotic Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
Robo-001 Optimization of Ideal Time and efficient solar charging for Rovers
Robo-002 A crane – based Robotic Device for hoist testing and storage cells
Robo-003 A line tracing robot as an effective sensor and closed loop system
Robo-004 splashing of water drops by Robot on a water surface in a strong electric field
Robo-005 Application of a smoke finder with vision system for wheeled mobile Robot
Robo-006 A Robotic System for Underground Coal Mining
Robo-007 Error Eliminating Rapid Ultrasonic Firing for Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance
Robo-008 Design of Small Flexible Automated Guided Vehicle
Robo-009 Optimal Design of movable Pick and Place Robot
Robo-010 Intelligent Robotic system accessing by an Bluetooth
Robo-011 Computer Controlled Wireless mobile surveillance Robot
Robo-012 On Line Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Equipment Autonomous
Robo-013 Navigation of RFID Sensing Robots
Robo-014 Intelligent Robot with Wireless Camera Controlled by an Wireless PC
Robo-015 Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied In Coal Mine Detection Robot
Robo-016 Wireless critical process control in gas plants by Zig-Bee control using Robot
Robo-017 Design & Construction of a Fully Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot
Robo-018 Sensor Fusion for Mining Robot
Robo-019 A Robotic System for Fire Fighting in Tunnels
Robo-020 The Development of Intelligent Home Security Robot
Robo-021 Environmental Monitoring with Mobile Robots
Robo-022 Automatic direction sense Robot with Solar System
Robo-023 Implementation and control of balancing line tracer robot using vision
Robo-024 Implementation of obstacle avoidance and Zig-Bee control functions for Omni directional mobile robot
Robo-025 Advanced service robotics for human assistance and support
Robo-026 Object Sensing Pick and Place Robot
Robo-027 Automatic Crack Detecting Robot using image analysis
Robo-028 Automatic Rescuer Robot for Earthquake Areas
Robo-029 Industrial Parameter Control Connectionless Robot
Robo-030 Design and development of a hybrid feedback system for an RF remote-controlled robot
Robo-031 Performance optimizations on mining application Robot
Robo-032 Enhancement of Speech Recognitions for Control Robot Automation
Robo-033 A method of recognizing objects specified by color and shape in autonomous Robot
Robo-034 Building an autonomous light finder robot
Robo-035 A Web-based Medical Emergency Guiding System using robot
Robo-036 Artificial Robots for Military Application using Embedded
Robo-037 Robot design for applications in intensive agriculture
Robo-038 Navigation and security system of intelligent security robot using GPS
Robo-039 Development of small robot for indoor based home floor cleaning
Robo-040 Developing a service robot with communication abilities like human
Robo-041 Intelligent Robot Alcohol Sensing System
Robo-042 The design and implement of embedded remote control system in industrial robot
Robo-043 A Hands Gesture System of Control for an Intelligent Wheelchair
Robo-044 Design and implementation of wireless bomb disposal robot
Robo-045 Design and implementation of pc based robot control for industrial applications
Robo-046 Zigbee based remote controlled robot with wireless video camera mounted on it (3600 camera rotation)
Robo-047 Teleportation of a robot arm in planar catching movements using ARMAX model and trajectory monitoring techniques
Robo-048 PC Controlled Wireless Robot Using RF Module with Feedback Sensor To Detect Fire and Temperature
Robo-049 Implementation of Accelerometer Based Robotic ARM (Using wireless communication )

GSM and Bluetooth based Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
GSM-001 SMS Based Universal Motor multi Speed Controller
GSM-002 Development of GSM Based DC Motor Speed Controller
GSM-003 Call Based Single Phase Induction Motor Controller
GSM-004 Mobile Based Indoor Home Electronic Appliance Control
GSM-005 Implement of Multi Range Data Acquisition System with GSM Modem
GSM-006 Accident Identifier with informer using navigation of GSM system
GSM-007 Reducing of human Errors in Bank Security System with Auto dialler
GSM-008 Design & Implementation of a Wireless Remote Data Acquisition System for Mobile Applications
GSM-009 GPS Based Mobile Tele Monitoring and Management System for Inter cities Public Transportations
GSM-010 SMS Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controller
GSM-011 Location Based Accident Identification System for Vehicles
GSM-012 GPS Based train or bus or Aircraft Collision Avoidance
GSM-013 Automatic taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System through GSM
GSM-014 Remote Control of industrial Machines Based on GSM Technique
GSM-015 Effective mine Detection for Defense using GSM
GSM-016 Railway Security Management System using GSM
GSM-017 GSM based Wireless Weather Monitoring Report System
GSM-018 SMS & Position Interface for Human Tracking System
GSM-019 Coin Based SMS Sender and Mobile phone charger
GSM-020 Auto Unmanned Automobile with Security System using GSM Technique
GSM-021 Human or animal tracking system using GPS
GSM-022 Bank locker security system with Authorized SMS informer
GSM-023 Kinematics GPS for classed –Loop Control of farm & Construction Vehicles
GSM-024 Automatic steering of farm vehicles using GPS
GSM-025 Zigbee Based Industrial Disaster Intimation and control system
GSM-026 Security Breach Intimation for Unauthorized Entry Based on Mobile Technique
GSM-027 Industrial Furnace Monitor Using Mobile System
GSM-028 Kinematics GPS for classed –Loop Control of farm & Construction Vehicles
GSM-029 Automatic steering of farm vehicles using GPS
GSM-030 GPS and GSM based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
GSM-031 Air craft collision avoidance system by a human using GPS
GSM-032 Call Based Home Appliance automatic Controller
GSM-033 Unmanned Electricity Billing System using GSM network
GSM-034 Railway Accident Monitoring System with wireless camera
GSM-035 Bluetooth based temperature monitoring system (O/P: graph (temp vs time) plotting on smart phones)
GSM-036 Invention of Bluetooth based multiple devices ON and OFF control
GSM-037 Location & Mobile based Accident Alarm System (GSM, GPS & Accelerometer sensor)
GSM-038 Advanced vehicle security system with theft control and accident notification

Fingerprint Projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
FngrPrnt-001 E-Passport and the Future of Government Issued Code word Based Identification
FngrPrnt-002 Integrated real-time ATM system design using Microcontroller (Fingerprint & Smart Card)
FngrPrnt-003 Improved Finger Print Based Voting System for Rigging free Governing
FngrPrnt-004 Biometric finger print identification based bank locker security system
FngrPrnt-005 Human touch Authentication and Controlling System of Devices
FngrPrnt-006 Integrating Data Logging Attendance system by an RFID
FngrPrnt-007 Efficient Human Code word Voting machine using Finger print
FngrPrnt-008 Multilevel Finger print based Production security system
FngrPrnt-009 Finger print based Medical information and Monitoring system
FngrPrnt-010 Intelligent Advanced Banking system Reducing Human Errors
FngrPrnt-011 Advanced Human Code Set Library management system using fingerprints
FngrPrnt-012 Designing of Automatic Security Door opening and closing system
FngrPrnt-013 Electronic voting system design for Rigging free Governing using Smartcard & Biometric (Fingerprint)

RFID projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
RFID-001 Student Data Logging System into College Web Site Based On RFID
RFID-002 Automatic travel bill generation system using passive RFID (radio frequency identification)
RFID-003 The Design of RFID Based Inspection System for Power Telecommunication Networks
RFID-004 Intelligent biometric RFID based Voting machine
RFID-005 Code Reading Shopping trolley for departmental store Billing system
RFID-006 Wait less Highway toll collection and GSM technology system
RFID-007 RFID based railway Ticket Reservation system reducing Rushes
RFID-008 Advanced Forest Animal tracking system using RFID
RFID-009 RFID based Automatic car parking system and locking system
RFID-010 An integrated solution of Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance and Blind Navigation System
RFID-011 Position location and navigation aid for blind (Using RFID and Ultrasonic module)
RFID-012 Library Books Maintenance by RFID Tags Reducing human effect
RFID-013 An Intelligent Bio- Medical information system using RFID
RFID-014 Automatic RFID based Door opening and closing system in home
RFID-015 RFID read and write based Banking system for eliminate error
RFID-016 RFID read and write based Score card for industries

ZIGBEE projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
ZigBee-001 Modern restaurants automization using Zig-Bee technology
ZigBee-002 Wireless Road Power Energy automation system by Zig-Bee controller
ZigBee-003 Zig-Bee based automated irrigation and control system
ZigBee-004 Advanced Multi power plant monitor and Error rectifying system
ZigBee-005 Indoor Wireless E-notice board with multiple receivers
ZigBee-006 Forest Fire Detection System based on a Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network
ZigBee-007 Development on Gas Leak Detection and Location System Based on Wireless Sensor

Entertainment projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
Entrmnt-001 Implementation of Microcontroller based mp3 player
Entrmnt-002 Design of voice based electrical appliances control for Industrial automation
Entrmnt-003 Home automation for disable persons using his personal voice tag
Entrmnt-004 Automatic Speech Recognized Auto Control operated robot
Entrmnt-005 Effective FM based college notice announcement system

Smartcard projects

Project Code Project Title
SmrSrd-001 Paperless E-Cash Management System By Using Smart card Technology
SmrSrd-002 Automatic Smart card based Data Logging Present system
SmrSrd-003 Unique ID card design for personal data transactions using smart card technology
SmrSrd-004 Automated Smart card technology for electricity board
SmrSrd-005 Analysis of an E-Health Care System with Smart Card Based Authentication
SmrSrd-006 Authenticated And Access Control System For Device Using Smart Card Technology

Bio-Medical projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
BioMed-001 Patient Health Monitoring and Alert System Using Mobile Technology
BioMed-002 Advanced patient monitoring and alert system using Zigbee and GSM for hospitals and old age home’s
BioMed-003 Patient health monitoring and alert system using Zigbee technology within the hospital
BioMed-004 An Intelligent Connectionless Biomedical Monitoring using RF system
BioMed-005 A wireless blood pressure monitoring system for personal health management
BioMed-006 Microcontroller Based Retail Pharmaceutical Tablets Counting Device
BioMed-007 Intelligent wireless based heart beat monitor and controlling system
BioMed-008 Body Temperature Monitor and Alarm System Used in Hospital Based on 1-Wire and Wireless Communication Technology
BioMed-009 Real-time vision web based respiration monitoring system
BioMed-010 Bio medical health card with monitoring system by an Wireless
BioMed-011 Implementation of real time embedded Tele-health pulse monitoring system
BioMed-012 Automatic Human body temperature, respiration and heart monitor and alarm
BioMed-013 Advanced multi-channel temperature monitor & controller
BioMed-014 Design and Construction of a Continuous Ambulatory Electrocardiogram Recorder
BioMed-015 Improvement of patient monitor system in Hospital
BioMed-016 Design of Respiration and pulse rate monitor and control

Sensors projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
Sensor-001 PWM based Light Intensity Control using Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)
Sensor-002 Power Saver System for Auditorium based on people Density
Sensor-003 Touch screen Based Appliances control system
Sensor-004 Alternate and Shortest path Finder for Vehicles in High Traffic Density Areas
Sensor-005 Time Sharing from Less Traffic Direction to Heavy Traffic Directions for signals
Sensor-006 Standby Power Saving system for Electrical Appliances
Sensor-007 Wireless Power Saving and alert system
Sensor-008 Secure Transaction in ATM using Short Message Services
Sensor-009 Eye Gaze Wheel chair control system
Sensor-010 3-Axis Accelerometer Home Appliance Control system for Physically Challenged People
Sensor-011 Train speed Assessment in Railway Level Crossings
Sensor-012 Footboard Passenger alert and control System for buses
Sensor-013 Elderly People Home health Care monitoring and alert system
Sensor-014 Over tonnage Warning System for Vehicles in Toll Gates and Check posts
Sensor-015 Effective Driver License Approving system
Sensor-016 Appropriate Bus identification system for Blind Peoples
Sensor-017 Effective Ultrasonic based Path Planning for the Blind Person in secure way
Sensor-018 Position location and navigation aid for blind (Using RFID and Ultrasonic module)
Sensor-019 Intelligent system for hazardous gas, Human detection and temperature monitor control using GSM technology
Sensor-020 GSM based industrial protection system using Temperature, Smoke sensors and Light Dependent Resistor
Sensor-021 Automatic Human detection by live body sensor and heat sensor
Sensor-022 Intelligent Vehicle tracking and controlling using acoustic & view Sensors
Sensor-023 Automated System for Fault Analysis in Industries and intimation through SMS
Sensor-024 PC based Wireless Weather monitoring System – Data updating using RTC
Sensor-025 PC based data acquisition system by stimulating SPI and i2c protocol implementation (temperature vs. time graph)
Sensor-026 Power Harvesting For Smart Sensor Networks in Monitoring Water Distribution System

Industrial projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
Industry-001 Standby Power Saving system for Electrical Appliances
Industry-002 Overload warning System for Industries and Homes
Industry-003 Industrial Power Theft Identifier system
Industry-004 Intelligent system for hazardous gas, Human detection and temperature monitor control using GSM technology
Industry-005 GSM based industrial protection system using Temperature, Smoke sensors and Light Dependent Resistor
Industry-006 Real-time industrial process monitoring & control using GSM phone
Industry-007 Detecting the conditions of remote areas through data acquisition system using RF (Zigbee) module (more than one sensor)
Industry-008 Industrial safety measures system with sensors with voice indication
Industry-009 Industrial monitoring of power equipments and controlling according to status
Industry-010 Sequential control system for Diagonal Neural conveyer system
Industry-011 Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Controlling using Wireless Sensor Network
Industry-012 Implement of a Connection less PH Information System
Industry-013 Automatic packing control machine for industrial application using Embedded

Automobile Electronic projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
AutoMobEmbd-001 Mode Based Navigation for Autonomous Mine Vehicles Finger print based Ignition system
AutoMobEmbd-002 Automatic Gate Railway System for avoiding an accident avoid an human error
AutoMobEmbd-003 Speech Recognized Zig-Bee Operated Vehicle and monitoring navigation system
AutoMobEmbd-004 Automatic Sun Solar Illumination Controlling and Tilting Vehicle
AutoMobEmbd-005 Wireless Mobile Text Message Operated Transportation and monitoring system
AutoMobEmbd-006 Design and implementation of a car parking system using wireless sensor networks
AutoMobEmbd-007 Effective Ultrasonic Parking monitoring Guidance System using wireless
AutoMobEmbd-008 Intelligent Brake Failure Indicator for Four Wheeler
AutoMobEmbd-009 Automatic brake controller for opposite vehicle using Embedded
AutoMobEmbd-010 Design and development of a GSM based vehicle theft control system
AutoMobEmbd-011 An Intelligent Vehicle Identification Security Alert System
AutoMobEmbd-012 Implementation of Ultrasonic Reverse Alarm for Vehicle
AutoMobEmbd-013 Intelligent Vehicle Energy Information Monitoring system
AutoMobEmbd-014 Vehicle Status Monitoring System using GPS
AutoMobEmbd-015 Intelligent Railway Signaling System avoid drastically accident
AutoMobEmbd-016 Efficient Automatic Dim and Tripper
AutoMobEmbd-017 Automatic Railway Controller with Wireless Connectivity
AutoMobEmbd-018 Advanced Improvement of Digital Odometer systems
AutoMobEmbd-019 Implementation of Automatic Fuel vending Machine
AutoMobEmbd-020 Digital Ignition Sequencer in Embedded
AutoMobEmbd-021 Online Vehicle Tracking System with GPS
AutoMobEmbd-022 Resent trends of GPS & GSM Interface for Tracking System
AutoMobEmbd-023 Off line Vehicle Tracking System with GPS
AutoMobEmbd-024 Accident Prevention System for Railways Using GPS
AutoMobEmbd-025 Automatic Vehicle Speed Gearing System
AutoMobEmbd-026 Tire Position Monitoring System using sensors
AutoMobEmbd-027 Implementation Driver Information System using GPS
AutoMobEmbd-028 Building an autonomous light finder robot
AutoMobEmbd-029 Solar Power Automatic Car moving system
AutoMobEmbd-030 Adaptive Wind Screen Wiper Control
AutoMobEmbd-031 Brake Failure Indicator for Two Wheeler
AutoMobEmbd-032 Design of solid state ignition RF power controller
AutoMobEmbd-033 Automobile Performance Analyzer and improve method
AutoMobEmbd-034 Remote Controlled Vehicle in Omni directions
AutoMobEmbd-035 Advanced Wireless Power Jack controller
AutoMobEmbd-036 Implementation of Vehicle Overload Indicator using sensors
AutoMobEmbd-037 Intelligent Data Logger for Four Wheel controller
AutoMobEmbd-038 Effective Ultrasonic Radar for Highways
AutoMobEmbd-039 Vehicle Obstacles Indicator cum Controller
AutoMobEmbd-040 Implementation of Automatic Vehicle Brightness Leveling System
AutoMobEmbd-041 Shock and Temperature Recorder using RF-FSK
AutoMobEmbd-042 Crash Detector using GPS system and Recovery
AutoMobEmbd-043 Advanced Driver Assistance System
AutoMobEmbd-044 Artificial Electronic Stability Controller in embedded
AutoMobEmbd-045 Automatic GPS Based Navigation System
AutoMobEmbd-046 An Intelligent Formula Racing Robot
AutoMobEmbd-047 Embedded Key for Automobiles observing system
AutoMobEmbd-048 Gas Monitoring System For Automobiles
AutoMobEmbd-049 An Vehicle Driver Smart Driving Steering System
AutoMobEmbd-050 Railway Barrier Monitor and controlling
AutoMobEmbd-051 Embedded Technology for vehicle cabin safety Monitoring and Alerting System
AutoMobEmbd-052 Auto controlling vehicle design to avoid the accidents (speed control & head light intensity control)
AutoMobEmbd-053 Dash board design using can bus (speed, temp & fuel)
AutoMobEmbd-054 Vehicle Authentication System using RFID detection
AutoMobEmbd-055 Effective Embedded based automobile performance analyzer
AutoMobEmbd-056 Advanced Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
AutoMobEmbd-057 Auto clutch for automobile using wireless communication

Wireless projects Titles

Project Code Project Title
WireLessEmbd-001 Intelligent Power Distribution from EB Based on Power Generation
WireLessEmbd-002 Sensor networks for tracking of small mammals monitoring system
WireLessEmbd-003 Location Based Vehicle Information Tracking System Using Wire Sensors
WireLessEmbd-004 Advanced Speech recognition using LMS algorithm
WireLessEmbd-005 RF based Remote control Robot for Omni directions
WireLessEmbd-006 PC Controlled Wireless Robot Using RF Module with Feedback Sensor to Detect Fire and Temperature
WireLessEmbd-007 Design and implementation of RF controlled Robotic arm for industrial and commercial applications
WireLessEmbd-008 Remote Access PC Controlled Wireless Robot (RF + PC)
WireLessEmbd-009 Automatic Collision Detection Using RF
WireLessEmbd-010 Secured speech Frequency Transformation system
WireLessEmbd-011 Automatic Speech compression using DWT
WireLessEmbd-012 Speech based switching control using MFCC
WireLessEmbd-013 Speed control through Speech using HMM
WireLessEmbd-014 Accident Identification System using GPS and GSM
WireLessEmbd-015 Effective Wireless Camera Position System in home
WireLessEmbd-016 Remote PC Home Automation Productivity Communication System
WireLessEmbd-017 Implementation of RF Based Person Polling Machine
WireLessEmbd-018 A Connection less Security System detecting a human error
WireLessEmbd-019 Wireless Entertainment Music Communication System
WireLessEmbd-020 Micro Controller Based Wireless Recorder for Biomedical Signals
WireLessEmbd-021 Designing Wireless Interfaces for Patient Monitoring Equipment
WireLessEmbd-022 Innovation of Embedded wireless web server camera
WireLessEmbd-023 Advanced wireless structural monitoring in Industries
WireLessEmbd-024 Connection less RF Based Transformer Monitoring System
WireLessEmbd-025 Wireless Offset Printing Machine
WireLessEmbd-026 Wireless motor Speed monitor and controlling system
WireLessEmbd-027 Wireless energy transmitter with tariff system
WireLessEmbd-028 Effective Wireless Hospital Management System
WireLessEmbd-029 Implementation of a digital controlled RF wireless Remote Control for AC
WireLessEmbd-030 Zigbee Communication Water Meter Reading System
WireLessEmbd-031 Wireless Alternator Controller in industrial system
WireLessEmbd-032 Implementation of Bi-directional Communication Based Window Controller
WireLessEmbd-033 Implementation of Accident Identification with Auto dialler
WireLessEmbd-034 Artificial Wireless Lift Controller and monitoring
WireLessEmbd-035 RF Based Automatic Speed Limiter for Vehicle
WireLessEmbd-036 Advanced Remote Controlled Movable Crane
WireLessEmbd-037 Wireless Water Level Controller using sensor
WireLessEmbd-038 Efficient RF Based Scrolling Display monitoring system
WireLessEmbd-039 Wireless Tracking System using GPS location finder
WireLessEmbd-040 Wireless Transmitter for Credit Card Reader and information storing
WireLessEmbd-041 Railway Anti-collision System using GPS and monitoring system
WireLessEmbd-042 Design and Implementation of Wireless Video Monitor and Controller
WireLessEmbd-043 Bluetooth Based Fire Location Monitor System in industry accident prevention system
WireLessEmbd-044 Wireless Video Conferencing System using web server
WireLessEmbd-045 Design of Wireless Motor Management System in industrial Application
WireLessEmbd-046 Advanced Wireless Controller for Wind Mill and monitoring system
WireLessEmbd-047 Accident Identification System with location identifier using GPS
WireLessEmbd-048 Implementation of Wireless Controlled and monitoring Intelligent Baby Bed
WireLessEmbd-049 Wireless Controlled Dancing Fountain using sensor networks
WireLessEmbd-050 Advanced Wireless Controlled Metal Detector in Mine areas
WireLessEmbd-051 Implementation of the Wireless Single Phase Preventer cum Power Failure Indicator
WireLessEmbd-052 Design of wireless powered RF temperature monitoring system applied to the rotor of generators

PC Interfacing projects

Project Code Project Title
PC-Inter-001 A PC-Based System for Automated IRIS Recognition under Open Environment
PC-Inter-002 PC based data acquisition system by stimulating SPI and I2C protocol implementation (temperature vs. time graph)
PC-Inter-003 PC Controlled Wireless Robot Using RF Module with Feedback Sensor to Detect Fire and Temperature
PC-Inter-004 Touch screen based system shutdown, restart and log off using Zig-Bee technology
PC-Inter-005 PC Based Monitoring and controlling Global Positioning System Using GPS
PC-Inter-006 PC Controlled Wireless Robot for in Omni directions (RF + PC)
PC-Inter-007 PC based Wireless Weather monitoring System – Data updating using RTC
PC-Inter-008 Automatic Pc based Mail Transfer System using Ethernet
PC-Inter-009 PC Based patient ECG & Temperature Monitor
PC-Inter-010 IVRS Based Reservation System in Railway avoiding queue
PC-Inter-011 Automatic Online Machine Control System by using TCP/IP Stack
PC-Inter-012 An Effective Power Line PC to PC Communication
PC-Inter-013 Windmill Monitoring Using Internet and wireless camera
PC-Inter-014 Wireless Communication from PC to PIC Microcontroller
PC-Inter-015 Implementation of Wireless communication From PC TO PC
PC-Inter-016 PC to Microcontroller communication Through USART
PC-Inter-017 SMS Controlled Monitor and Controller home appliances
PC-Inter-018 Simple and Effective Coin Based Online Access by Zig-Bee
PC-Inter-019 Implementation of PC to PC with Neural Based Encryption
PC-Inter-020 PC Based Path Tracking of a Car using ultrasonic
PC-Inter-021 Wireless PC Transformer Testing access by a transmitter
PC-Inter-022 PC Based Programmable Coil Winding Machine
PC-Inter-023 A reconfigurable digital IC tester implemented using the PIC Integrator rapid prototyping system
PC-Inter-024 PC to PIC controller communication Through USART
PC-Inter-025 Intelligent PC to PC Communication through Infrared ray sensor
PC-Inter-026 Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to PC
PC-Inter-027 Cost less Effective AC Power Line Used PC to PC Communication
PC-Inter-028 An active PC Based Machine Shop Controller and monitoring
PC-Inter-029 Invention of SMS Controlled Electrical and Electronics Appliances
PC-Inter-030 Intelligent Illumination Dim and bright Control by a PC Communication
PC-Inter-031 PC Based Online Industrial Monitor using Remote instrumentation control
PC-Inter-032 PC Based Online Fault Identifier in Industries
PC-Inter-033 Integrating Embedded PC and Internet Technologies for Real Time Control & Imaging
PC-Inter-034 Providing information by data carrier + Networks information ensuring for the visually impaired
PC-Inter-035 Implementation of PC to PC Communication through Landline in Industries
PC-Inter-036 Lossless PC to PC Communication through Optical Fiber cable
PC-Inter-037 PC to PC Communication through IR in home automation
PC-Inter-038 System to System Communication through Laser identification
PC-Inter-039 Voice Operated Motor Controller in industrial Application
PC-Inter-040 Effective Voice Operated Motor Home Appliance Controller
PC-Inter-041 Indoor Appliance Controlling Using Outdoor PC through web
PC-Inter-042 PC Based Home equipment controlling and monitoring system
PC-Inter-043 SCADA Implementation in industrial automation control and monitoring system
PC-Inter-044 Intelligent PC Based Process controller using Embedded system
PC-Inter-045 Design and Implementation of PC Based Energy Meter by using RF communication
PC-Inter-046 Effective PC Based Stepper Motor Controller in industry
PC-Inter-047 Advanced PC Based Servo Motor Controller and speed changing
PC-Inter-048 Implementation of PC Based Temperature Controller
PC-Inter-049 PC Based Speed Control of PMDC Motor in industry
PC-Inter-050 Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor in industrial control
PC-Inter-051 Innovation of PC Based Soft Stator Ac drive operation system
PC-Inter-052 Industrial Automatic PC Based Motor Tester Equilibration
PC-Inter-053 Automatic Speech Controlled DOS Command Operation
PC-Inter-054 A Windows based GUI software tool for system protection in PC environment
PC-Inter-055 A Design of Home Network Security Protocol User Authentication Using Blue Tooth Technology
PC-Inter-056 Intelligent Fire Monitor Using Blue Tooth Technology
PC-Inter-057 Automatic syntheses Load Sharer active resistance's transformers
PC-Inter-058 Wireless Control and Communication to Pc based Voice Operated Vehicle
PC-Inter-059 Implementation of PC Based Patient Monitoring System
PC-Inter-060 SMS based Controlled Security System
PC-Inter-061 Secured cellular banking protocols using virtual internet with digital marking
PC-Inter-062 Mobile Controlled Smart PLC with Integrated SMS Troubleshooting Technique
PC-Inter-063 Multi drives modulation synchronization via field- Electrical bus
PC-Inter-064 ECG Signal Wireless Transmission and PC Monitoring
PC-Inter-065 Tester Simple digital test approach for embedded VI /based Automated -pump
PC-Inter-066 Systematic control of Closed Loop Position Control System
PC-Inter-067 Simulation approach on step speed control of Open-loop Motor using Lab View
PC-Inter-068 Performance analysis of Industrial security layer on embedded web services
PC-Inter-069 Process Control Station Using WEB Browser observing system
PC-Inter-070 Online speed control of DC motor with LAN configuration
PC-Inter-071 Solutions for SCADA system communication reliability in photovoltaic power plants
PC-Inter-072 Railway Hazardous and Damages Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
PC-Inter-073 Real time monitoring and control in transmission line in SCADA
PC-Inter-074 Online self-tuning ANN-based speed control of a PM DC motor
PC-Inter-075 PC Based Monitoring System for Hydro Power Station
PC-Inter-076 Motor monitoring and energy management system based on wireless sensor networks
PC-Inter-077 Smart configurable wireless sensors and actuators for industrial monitoring and control
PC-Inter-078 Design of Clinic Patient Body Temperature Wireless Remote Concentration Monitor System Based on VI
PC-Inter-079 Speed Control of Universal Motor using PID Technique
PC-Inter-080 Process of Auto-tuning PID control of a small electric-heating reactor
PC-Inter-081 Integrated multichannel wireless biotelemetry system
PC-Inter-082 A design for Controller Area Network bus real-time monitoring system
PC-Inter-083 Zig-Bee Wireless Sensor Network for better Interactive Industrial Automation
PC-Inter-084 Implementation of Lab view Based Industrial Controller and monitoring
PC-Inter-085 Remote Controlling and Monitoring System to Control Electric Circuitry through SMS using a Microcontroller
PC-Inter-086 Design of a multi-channel pre-beam form data acquisition system for an ultrasound research scanner
PC-Inter-087 Design of automatic energy saving-monitor for reducing the waste of PC electricity
PC-Inter-088 Automatic PC/GSM/Network based Home Automation system
PC-Inter-089 PC/GSM/Network based Industrial Automation system with load shedder
PC-Inter-090 Development of an automatic meter reading system based on Zig-Bee PRO Smart Energy Profile IEEE 802.15.4 standard
PC-Inter-091 Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to PC
PC-Inter-092 Intelligent Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) projects

Project Code Project Title
PLC-001 PLC based automatic car washing system
PLC-002 Boiler automation and temperature controlling using PLC
PLC-003 Automatic coffee vending machine and temperature monitoring in PLC
PLC-004 PLC based filter reactor in sugar factory and maintenance
PLC-005 Liquid level controller in industry application in PLC
PLC-006 PLC based automatic car parking system
PLC-007 PLC based automatic industrial drainage timer
PLC-008 Industrial timer controller using ladder logic
PLC-009 Industrial timer controller for multiple machines
PLC-010 Industrial counter for conveyer avoid human error and safety in industry
PLC-011 Advanced PLC based robot automation for industry and domestics application
PLC-012 Implementation of pressure controller and monitoring using PLC
PLC-013 Industrial monitor and controlling based on PLC
PLC-014 PLC based plate cutting machine and robot monitoring system
PLC-015 PLC based fire monitor and adjusting using SCADA system
PLC-016 PLC based special purpose machine and controlling
PLC-017 Ac motor speed control using PLC input switches

Analog & Digital projects

Project Code Project Title
AnlgDgt-001 Advanced Cost less Internal Communication Using AC Power Socket
AnlgDgt-002 Implementation of Earth Damage prevention and avoidance System
AnlgDgt-003 Implementation of Thermal Sensing Information System using sensor
AnlgDgt-004 Design and performance of automated test system of electro-hydraulic proportional valve
AnlgDgt-005 Automatic Solar Power Energy Cell Charger using an robot
AnlgDgt-006 Modern Design of An Wireless Fire Related Accidents Prevention
AnlgDgt-007 An Intelligent Water Wastage Totally less System
AnlgDgt-008 Zigbee Based Localized Area Networking System in industries
AnlgDgt-009 PC Wireless Monitor and Controlling Street Light ON/OFF
AnlgDgt-010 Easy Way to Finding Vehicle Weighing Machine using Zigbee
AnlgDgt-011 Advanced Hard Material Finder in embedded system
AnlgDgt-012 Electronic Soft Starter for Three phase Motor
AnlgDgt-013 Implementation of Electronic Clap Switch working in frequency based
AnlgDgt-014 Irrigation of Audio Transmission through Power Line
AnlgDgt-015 Patient ECG Monitor through CRO For hospital application
AnlgDgt-016 Effective Lossless Audio Transmission through OFC
AnlgDgt-017 An Cooking Energy Leakage System in home
AnlgDgt-018 An Intelligent Drinker Finder Using PATROL Police
AnlgDgt-019 Any Hazard Vibration Alert security System
AnlgDgt-020 RF communication of Two Station Power Line Intercom
AnlgDgt-021 Design of Load Governor for Single Phase Motor
AnlgDgt-022 Implementation of Heavy Rain Prevent System using sensors
AnlgDgt-023 Technique for Visualization of Digital Fridge Door Alarm Safety
AnlgDgt-024 Wireless Frost Alarm and warning switch indicator
AnlgDgt-025 A multifunction domestic Door bell alert system for the deaf-blind
AnlgDgt-026 Timer for Microwave Oven and power saving system
AnlgDgt-027 Letter Box and Person in/out Monitor System
AnlgDgt-028 Automatic Voice Based Switching System and monitoring system
AnlgDgt-029 Advanced Security Fail Switch on TV and Image Capture
AnlgDgt-030 Automatic Water Level Controller for Home
AnlgDgt-031 Digital Accurate Display Thermal Energy Indicating System
AnlgDgt-032 An Connection less Temperature Monitoring and Controlling System